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Immanuel Student Ministry Code of Conduct
and Release 

Immanuel Baptist Church commits to encouraging a safe, supportive and productive learning environment. This can only happen when everyone cooperates and agrees to suitable standards of conduct.

The following are acts which Immanuel Student Ministry considers unacceptable.

Any student found engaging in these acts will be subject to disciplinary action.

(following the guidelines set forth in the Immanuel Student Ministry Standards)


  1. Willfully damaging, destroying or stealing property belonging to other individuals or the property owner.

  2. Fighting or engaging in horseplay or disorderly conduct.

  3. Sexual immorality, Nudity, or P.D.A.

  4. Harmful or destructive pranking of another student/sponsor.

  5. Refusing to follow or failing to carry out the reasonable instructions of a sponsor.

  6. Being under the influence of alcohol or any drug, or bringing alcoholic beverages or drugs on to church property and/or church trips/events.

  7. Possessing fire arms or weapons of any kind on church property and/or church trips/events.


  1. Using threatening or abusive language towards any other students/sponsors.

  2. Showing disrespect to authority/sponsors.


  1. Failing to follow the Student Ministry Dress Code.

I, the parent/guardian of student listed below, give my permission for Immanuel Baptist Church – San Angelo, Texas, their staff and sponsors to pick up my child from school to attend events at Immanuel Baptist Church. 

Code of Conduct and Release Agreement

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