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Hey Parents

It is our calling to reach the needs of students,

By showing them, God cares about them,

To lead them to a personal relationship with Christ

That will strive for Christian maturity, and

To help each student discover God’s will for their own life.


As we continue to grow as a student ministry - we need to have a set of standard to go by.  We will be making some changes to our student ministry on Wednesday nights.   We are asking all parents and student to read the follow and submit the form at the ends. God is moving in our church! AND WE  are excited about all that He is doing.  

It's a pleasure to minister to your student and your family.

                                                                            Mike Baker and the Student Ministry Volunteers

Code of Conduct Agreement and Release of Liability Agreement

Student Ministry Purpose Statement


It is our calling to reach the needs of students,

By showing them, God cares about them,

To lead them to a personal relationship with Christ

That will strive for Christian maturity, and

To help each student discover God’s will for their own life.



Dress Code Guidelines


Apparel should not display obscene prints or symbols.  Lewd, vulgar, obscene, or suggestive language/design on clothing is prohibited.  Advertisements or symbols that can be interpreted as promoting, depicting, or insinuating the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, demonism, or violence are prohibited on all apparel, jewelry, and accessories.


All pants or shorts will be worn at the waist.  Walking shorts which meet all criteria herein are permitted.   The bottoms of all shorts, skirts, or dresses must be modest and decent.


See-through or excessively tight-fitting garments are prohibited.  Halters, bare midriffs, tank tops and bare backs are prohibited.


Swimming Garments


Boys and girls should wear cover-ups to and from the pool.  No Speedos, two-piece swimming suits, thong swimming suits or high-cut swimming suits are permitted.  If you do not have a one-piece swim suit you must wear a dark colored shirt at ALL times while wearing your swim suit – this includes while swimming or participating in water activities.


If the clothing/swimming suit is viewed by sponsors as needing to be changed or covered, the student will be asked to change.



Student: Disciplinary Guidelines



In keeping with our stated intention to provide a safe and orderly environment for Immanuel Baptist Church Students during student meetings and on trips, these guidelines are offered.  The following guidelines should be administered with love and applied with the welfare of the individual participant in mind, as well as the protection of the larger group.


      Sunday school and worship are irrevocable rights unless banishment or restriction is deemed necessary.  All other youth activities are seen as privileges and may be revoked in matters of discipline.




  1. Excessive talking and misbehavior

  2. Minor foul language

  3. Ignoring or disobeying leaders

  4. Fighting

  5. Violations of dress code (see Dress Code)

  6. Excessive display of affection

  7. Minor destruction of property

  8. Violation of minor trip rules 


  1. Verbal reprimand/Removed from group (back of room)

  2. Assignment to specific sponsor for a specified duration/Removed from the room

  3. Contact parents/One-week suspension from student ministry

    • (holiday or scheduled days off not counted)

    • (Sunday school cannot be taken away)

  4. Parent asked to come get their student

  5. Must change their clothing – pertains to #5 above. 



  1. Continual violation of Class I offense

  2. Blatant disrespect for authority

  3. Harsh or foul language

  4. Use of tobacco products

  5. Display of sexual affection

  6. Destruction of property

  7. Abusive language, or violence 



  1.  Any or all of Class I correction techniques

  2. Revocation of trip privileges

  3. Revocation of student ministry participation (4-week suspension)

  4. Parent conference with student minister, pastor, or both 



  1.  Violations of state or local law

  2. Weapon carrying

  3. Continual violence

  4. Sexual misconduct 



  1.  Any or all of Class II correction techniques

  2. Immediately sent home at parents’ expense

  3. Suspension from student activities

  4. Notification of appropriate legal authorities 

Disciplinary Guidelines EXPLANATION


      Student ministry volunteers have the authority to begin the correctional process.  You are urged to use the correctional techniques listed for Class I offenses.  If the student in question does not respond or is in violation of a Class II offense, the matter goes to the student minister or event disciplinarian (sponsor in the room or home or on a trip).  Class II and III correction techniques are to be used only after prayer, consultation with affected parties and consideration of directly affected sponsors and staff.


      A weapon is defined as any knife more that is 3.5 inches long when closed, a firearm, an open knife or martial arts item, or explosive device.  A student in possession of any of these items at any church meeting or student event or trip is strictly prohibited.  The possession of any weapon at church or a student event may result in an immediate call to 911 and full cooperation with the law enforcement personnel who respond.  While waiting for police response, the sponsor(s) in charge will coordinate a plan with Safety Team and other leaders to best protect the safety of the other students.  Actual confrontation of a student with a gun or explosive device will be left to the proper authorities.


      Parents have not assigned to church leaders the right to physically discipline students.  Therefore, leaders only make physical contact with a student in order to prevent a greater harm, such as during a fight or an attempt by the student to do harm to him/herself or others.


      Church leaders can only be responsible for students that are actually in an area designated for a student activity.  Parents have no way of knowing whether students are where they should be, and consequently, whether adult supervision is being provided.  The policy of our student ministry is to ask all students on church property or on trips to be in the actual area where the announced activity is taking place.  The only options open to students are to be in the designated class or activity, in the immediate presence of parents or to leave the church property.


      When a student is dismissed from an activity or asked to leave church property because of a violation, parents or responsible adults should be notified immediately.  Reasons for the dismissal should be given.

Immanuel Student Ministry Code of Conduct:


Immanuel Baptist Church commits to encouraging a safe, supportive and productive learning environment. This can only happen when everyone cooperates and agrees to suitable standards of conduct.

The following are acts which Immanuel Student Ministry considers unacceptable.

Any student found engaging in these acts will be subject to disciplinary action.

(following the guidelines set forth in the Immanuel Student Ministry Standards)


  1. Willfully damaging, destroying or stealing property belonging to other individuals or the property owner.

  2. Fighting or engaging in horseplay or disorderly conduct.

  3. Sexual immorality, Nudity, or P.D.A.

  4. Harmful or destructive pranking of another student/sponsor.

  5. Refusing to follow or failing to carry out the reasonable instructions of a sponsor.

  6. Being under the influence of alcohol or any drug, or bringing alcoholic beverages or drugs on to church property and/or church trips/events.

  7. Possessing fire arms or weapons of any kind on church property and/or church trips/events.



  1. Using threatening or abusive language towards any other students/sponsors.

  2. Showing disrespect to authority/sponsors.



  1. Failing to follow the Student Ministry Dress Code.  



I certify that I am aware of the inherent risks associated with student activities, as well as the inherent risks of being on the Immanuel Baptist Church property. Notwithstanding, I hereby give my child permission to participate in all activities. Further, in consideration for Immanuel Baptist Church agreeing to accept the above-named child as a student participant, I hereby personally assume all risks in connection with my child's attendance and participation in the Events.



In the event that my child is injured on the property or during activities, I acknowledge that I shall be personally liable for, and agree to pay, all costs and associated expenses incurred in connection with medical and/or dental services rendered to my child in response to said injury.



I understand that my personal insurance coverage will be the primary coverage. I agree to the release of any records necessary for treatment, referral, billing or insurance purposes.



I agree to release and hold harmless Immanuel Baptist Church, San Angelo, Texas, it's trustees, employees, sponsors, and representatives for any injury, harm, or other damage by any occurrence in connection with my child's participation in activities in any form or fashion. I further agree to release and hold harmless Immanuel Baptist Church, San Angelo, Texas; it's trustees, employees, sponsors, and representatives from any claim by me, or my family, estate, heirs or assigns out of my child's participation in activities at this event/retreat.



I hereby authorize any medical and/ or surgical treatment, including but not limited to hospital care, to be rendered to my child, as needed in the judgment of the treating physician, who is chosen by the Student Minister of Immanuel Baptist Church, San Angelo, Texas or any sponsors working under him/her, as circumstances require. I further authorize the Immanuel Baptist Church sponsors to render first-aid and to administer medications as prescribed and programmed on the Dosage & Frequency Chart, executed by the parent or guardian. Please contact student ministry for the Dosage and Frequency Chart.



I agree that I am financially responsible for any damage to any property caused by my child, including any acts of graffiti.



The above-named participant agrees to obey and observe all Immanuel Baptist Church, Student Ministry Standards/Guidelines, and to fully cooperate with the adult leadership, staff, and other students/participants.  I agree that, if in the judgment of the adult leadership and/ or staff, my child becomes a discipline problem, my child may be sent home, at my expense, and that I will forfeit all fees paid.



I hereby give Immanuel Baptist Church the right and permission to publish, without charge, photographs taken of me during church related activities and events. These photographs may be used in whole or in part, and may be used in publications and in audio-visual presentations, promotional literature and materials, website promotions, online social communities, or in other similar ways.
           By agreeing, you are giving Immanuel Baptist Church permission to use photos of you for the purposes stated above. In addition, your agreement indicates that you wave any right to financial reimbursement or liability related to the reproduction of such photos or video, now or in the future.


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