What to Expect

Our hope is to make you feel welcome and at home. 

What can I expect from the services at IBC?
You will experience a friendly group of people just like you. The atmosphere will be uplifting and cheerful. The music will be a blend of hymns and very familiar music often heard on the radio. The messages will be very Biblical and applicable to your life. We hope everyone can worship here!

What clothes should I wear?
Come as you are. IBC is full of people in jeans and polo shirts. Our people are interested in you, not your clothes.

Which door should I come in?
Try any door and there will be someone there to greet you and help you find your place. We want you do be here with us!

What about my kids?
We love children at IBC! We have paid nursery workers at most services ready to care for you children up to 4 years of age. If your children are older, we have many age appropriate ministries happening at the same time as adult events. We even have Children’s Church for elementary kids during our morning worship service.

What are the ages of the people who attend IBC?
You will see people of all ages. We believe there is a balance in the ages of our members. Our groups comprised of children and young adults have been growing over the past few years. IBC also has places for empty nesters and senior adults. We are a family!